Pools for the Doggies This Summer!

Recently, Janel Jorda, owner and operator of Web-tactics which is located in Easthampton, Massachusetts, generously purchased 14 kiddie pools for our doggies to enjoy this summer.


Janel and her wife Karla, are dedicated supporters of In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary and also of all animal rescue.  We are so grateful to have friends like Janel and Karla who believe in our work and who reach out to help our animals live great lives while waiting with us at the sanctuary for forever homes.

Janel doesn’t just help our rescued dogs. She herself has one rescued dog from Mississippi and one from another southern state.

Pictured is our Goldy, who recently completed heartworm treatment.  Soon Goldy will be ready for a home of her own, but until then she can stay cool in her new pool.

Please share this with others and donate if you’re able to. Thanks for caring!