Why you shouldn’t hire your son’s best friend’s uncle for web design

Web design is one of those services that a lot of people think is easy and simple to do. This may be true, but the end product will look a lot different if you hire a professional web design company, such as V3.

An amateur web designer may save you some money, but they could very well cost you in the loss of prospective customers. Here are some reasons why a professional web design company is better to design your website than an amateur.
1) The Web is visual. The very first impression a visitor receives is based on the outline or the design of a website. A slick, sophisticated website with easy-to-navigate links or tabs will pull in more visitors than one that is hard to follow. A professional web designer will consult with you as to exactly what your target audience is and guide your design to draw in that type of audience.
2) Knowledge. A professional web designer will have knowledge in more than one type of computer language, such as PHP, Perl, C, C++, Javascript, HTML, MySQL, Flash etc. In English: anything you want your website to do, they will be able to do it, from movies to adding social media to your site.
3) Experience. When you hire a company rather than an amateur, you gain not only one person’s experience, but a conclave of minds that will be able to turn any problem into a solution. They can also provide you with advice on the best way to target your audience, whether it be through Facebook or a Flash movie.
4) Consistency. Hiring a company instead of a person or a relative – or a friend of a relative – will provide you with a guarantee that if you ever need a new web design, or an upgrade, you will have someone to go to that already has the knowledge of your business, rather than having to start anew. They will also keep up to date on current techniques and programs, ensuring your website is always groundbreaking and eye catching