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As an industry leader, you don’t just need a presence on social media – you need a targeted strategy that continues to enhance your reputation. With this in place, social media is a great way to stay relevant with your audience and keep you at top of mind.

Each social media platform allows you to share helpful information, form a more genuine relationship with customers, and demonstrate that you’re an active, industry-leading company.

But with new platforms coming to the stage each year, it can be tough to feel confident about choosing the right outlets for building an audience and driving engagement.

From Facebook to Pinterest, there are tons of ways you can share resources and personality with your customers. Finding the right tools for your company and knowing what content you have available to share is the first step.
To choose the best social profiles and continue to develop captivating content, here is a compilation of the most popular platforms, industries, and post suggestions to help you build that customer relationship.


    Remains most popular social media platform across all ages and internationally – it’s a must-have!
    Focus on building a community and sharing resources
    Highest ROI for social advertising

Best Industries:

    Service industry
    Religious groups
    Parenting information

    Where people go for breaking news
    Posts must be shorter than 140 characters
    Best for customer service
    Challenge is staying noticed in the feed and posting frequently enough to be seen
    Might be more challenging for small businesses and non-profits

Best Audiences:



    Best for professional businesses and networking
    Good for hiring and HR
    Establishes thought leadership and prestige in your field
    You can join as a company or as an individual
    You can connect with professional groups and networks

Best Industries:


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