Bitcoin transfer is instant and free

That’s why, sooner or later, everybody will use Bitcoin or another virtual currency for day-to-day business, and probably even in everyday life using your mobile phone. Why?

It’s not only because it’s instant like PayPal – it’s because it’s free. Read what one of the best Bitcoin wallet providers Coinbase says about charging you for receiving money: “If you accept Bitcoin and choose to keep those funds in Bitcoin, there is no charge or transaction fee to accept payments.”

Coinbase is not the first or only Bitcoin wallet out there, but it probably has the cleanest design among them. That’s why I chose it last year. You can’t force clients to pay in Bitcoin, but you can accept Bitcoin on your site, especially if you’re into eCommerce, to get a first mover advantage. Both Overstock and the Chicago Sun Times do this. So, it’s not truly exotic anymore but most websites or online stores still haven’t accepted the change.

You could argue that only shady criminals use Bitcoin, but that’s exactly what was being said about the Internet as a whole in the nineties, at least by conservative scare-mongers. Accepting Bitcoin means more sales and less costs. Why not give it a try? Do you want to stay stagnate like I did in my early years as a web dev until the world moves on and you get overrun by progress?