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webtactics storefrontAs internet veterans, we have seen too many projects designed, built and then thrown over the wall at clients with no plan for ongoing management, maintenance and resource support. Web-tactics, inc. was created to provide businesses with the speed, efficiency, response and experience necessary to create, maintain and grow their interactive channel.

A successful interactive channel absolutely requires that you provide it with sustained performance. Updates, fixes, redesign, marketing initiatives, application development and maintenance--These are all part of a winning program to ensure that your initiatives are a complete success.

We are a highly reliable, cost-effective alternative to either an agency or an internal web team maintaining your web site. A web site is never finished. It needs continuous graphic support. Applications need adjustment. Content management systems need editorial support. No one has the time to run traffic statistics or search engine optimization rankings. Web-tactics, inc. provides all of the ongoing management services you need--complete with full-service support.

*Meet Janel Jorda, President of Web-tactics, inc.


Web-tactics, inc. is pleased to offer a discount to Non-profit Organizations and Associations. We know how much you need to watch the bottom line and because of that we’re offering a 50% discount on Web Design and Maintenance.

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Simple, effective and affordable web design…that’s Web-tactics, inc.

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